Debat Bahasa Inggris


Rindriana Martasari Putri

Team 5

Berikut ini adalah video debat bahasa inggris team 5 vs team 10 :




Student, at least in the higher grades often have phones with them. Usually, they are smart phones. And let’s face it these phone aren’t going anywhere. Why not use this to our and vantages? There are so many educational sites & applications available for student use. We should teach them how to use the phone appropriately and for purpose. It will obviously come with issues as student can often be distracted when using their cell phone, but sooner or later they will have to learn when it is appropriate to be using them and why not start in the classroom? Times have changed and we need to change with them. It might be a difficult task to working, but as a teacher, isn’t that what I signed up for anyway.

Although schools have traditionally banned or limited mobile phone in the classroom. 73% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers said their students use phones in the classroom or to complete assignments, according to a Pew Research Center study.

I disagree student bring mobile phone to school because the student just sit on the chair and typing on their phones and not doing the work. I have seen student with their mobiles out when they teacher is giving instruction this is very distracting. This is stopping my education and wasting the teachers time. When the teacher sees them out the lesson stops and gets frustrating.

Mobile Phones should not be allowed during school, because they would provide distractions for students and teachers, allow for cheating on test, and for other social reasons. Their use has also created worries about visiting inappropriate websites, sexting or overuse. And if a student mobile phone rang during class, it would obviously distract him for the class and whatever the teacher is teaching. I disagree mobile phone can use for take a rest. Because can make student to be character individualism. Student should play with their friends.

Mobile phones vulnerable to crime. Remember, school is one of the main targets of the criminals. Moreover, mobile phone is a device that is easy to sell, so, the children are carrying mobile phone “high end” could-be burglar who preyed the mobile phone being followed.

Many teenagers and pre-teens get mobile phones as early as possible. Sometimes younger than age 12. It is encouraged socially, especially among teenagers to have a phone and many teenagers get phones just because of peer pressure. They may promote jealously towards the students, because someone may have an Iphone and another person may have a Nokia, and that person may tease the other person with the Nokia and it may turn into a bullying situation.

Teenagers will be difficult to control, especially when the times of onset of puberty, when it appears an interest in the boyfriend / girlfriend, mobile phone became a powerful means for them to communicate, but communication is not good, it will disrupt the activities are supposed to do, pray, eat, learn evensleep, Because they are busy texting with opposite sexfriends.


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